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Originally Posted by Sticky View Post
Yep, the GT2 produces 530 hp at the crank as stated by Porsche. The stroker produces 534 hp at the crank as stated by RDsport.

Of course losses aren't only 10%, the figure is obviously underrated. Many cars are underrated and produce more power than manufacturers state on paper, the 335 even falls into this category.

The GT2 is underrated just like the GT3 is underrated which dyno's 380 wheel.

The dyno I have for the 997 GT2 is very accurate, from AWE-Tuning, one of the most respected in the tuner business.

Crank figures or stated figures don't mean anything, the stroker will not dyno the same as a 997 GT2, I wish it could though.

Absolutely, 18 grand just for the engine and transmissions, sounds like a good deal for those parts. Just brainstorming

In case you might be interested in the 997 GT2 and AWE's work on it, they are now over 580 wheel with just the usual bolt on's:

Here is the chart just for fun, I think it is VERY optimistic for the stroker to get near something like a 997 GT2, I think 450 wheel on a mustang would be an incredible achievement for RDsport:

Dynos can be tricked or fumbled with!! I posted one that shows 466bhp from an ECU reflash for the M3. I donīt believe it!!! Hahaha! Besides, Porsche understates but audi, AMG and BMW M are precise? Could be, but doubt it. And, I should also say I have a Porsche and no one at the dealer, Tech Art or what have you have ever stated it produces more power than published. But whatever the case, I have no further arguments, to each his own Sticky. Go for the V10 and stock GT2 stated hp figure is wrong and much higher than the stoker.