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Originally Posted by Straz M3 View Post
Im supposed to play flag football in NYC on Saturday...if I dont play lets do it Saturday for sure. 3 on 1...M3s vs C63!
I'll be getting back from FLA late Friday night. My car will have been in my garage for a week now so I hope I don't start to develope flat spots in my tires. Matt you have my number. I'm from the Port Imperial area so Edgewater is also easy for me to get to as well. Actually where I live I seen a few IS-F's on the area of course there never going in the same direction as me.

Monsta no problem!

BTW. Do you guys get alot of "ricer fly by's" when your driving? The last few times on 80 and the turnpike I had a couple encounters, but I usually never take the bait.

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