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Originally Posted by MojorisinM3 View Post
That would be my first choice but these are less than half the price of the OEM wheels.
I hear ya. I am still debating on a winter setup myself. I hadn't really priced OEM 18s on the used market. My car came with the 18s, so I am trying to decide whether to relegate those to winter duty and get some aftermarket or OEM 19s for summer, or whether to just get another set of OEM 18s or some cheaper 18" replicas like the ones you posted.

My original plan was to get two more E46 OEM 18" rears (I have two already from my old winter setup) and run 255s all around. But apparently those do not fit up front due to brake clearance. Its a bummer because they are dirt cheap and would probably look good for a winter setup. I would just use the fronts up front, but the offset is too far off, and I don't want spacers.
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