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Originally Posted by Sticky View Post
More HP and more torque on paper for now Can't wait to compare dyno's of the stroker vs. the stock v10.

I mentioned DCT as, well, I was thinking of my car, and also substituting 7 speed for 7 speed.

I would rather have less weight and more power, but the v10 is an interesting option at that particular price. The v8 stroker is clearly the better track option for the chassis.

The 997 GT2 dyno's 480 wheel on a mustang, I don't see the stroker even coming close. If it does though, sign me up.
Porsche GT2 produces 530bhp as stated by Porsche!!! I believe them rather than someone elseīs numbers. The Stroker is 534!! Doesnīt come close? Check the facts. Now, the GT2 does produce a considerable amount of torque since its a trubocharged engine. There is no way there is only a 10% loss through the drive train so I donīt think that dyno you have seen is accurate. Also, the v10 is 18 grand just for the part, shoing it in there plus other components will be more than that amount.