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Originally Posted by Sticky View Post
Less power than the stroker (barely) but more torque with more headroom (stroker v10, right?)

The weight is definitely an issue, 40 kg difference.

That includes the transmission, which should be lighter than the DCT.

Anyway, I saw that, and it got me thinking...
V8 stroker produces both more hp and more torque than the stock V10, 34hp more than 500 is more than barely IMO but nevertheless not a huge amount, stoker V8 also produces more torque than the 383 pounds feet of the stock S85 V10. So, more hp, more torque and at least 50kg less due to the lighter nature of the V8 stroker relative to the stock V8. My car is not DCT so weight in that respect is not an issue. Besides even if it were, I would rather have the DCT over the SMG that is not possible yet since it does not fit the V10. I did analyze the V10 possibility but thought I would rather retain (or improve) the carīs balance and get enough NA power and lose some weight in other areas. At the end of the day I will have an M3 that is lighter by 200 lbs than the stock E92 M3 and produces more power than even the 911 GT2 at sea level with similar weight (and significantly more power than a 911 tt). That is my goal. Not possible to achieve this goal I think with the V10 shoed into the M3 chassis and also not going to be less expensive than going with the stoker kit. Still, if your willing to spend the extra $$$, V10 stoker is most certainly enticing and for sure lots of fun, just not what I want. I already own a 700 plus hp twin turbo Mercedes AMG in a slightly lighter chassis that the E92M3 than will most certainly kick any M stokerīs ass straight line and probably under most "bends" on highways and streets (since no one pushes cars to the limit generally on highways), just not on track that is what I want from this one.