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Originally Posted by BMW-M-Mexico View Post
Wow, that V10 is certainly attractive, but it would be neither more powerful, or less expensive and would be heavier. Reason I say this is simply because you pay 18 grand (or so) for the engine alone, to get that V10 in there i am sure would take much more than just $12 grand as a number of additional modifications must be made not to say the least of which is a tranny that fits. Second, the stock V10 engine makes more or less 500bhp (less power than the stoker V8 that makes well over 530bhp) and is a heavier machine. So to be blunt, donīt think you would be better off going that root. Now, a proper ECU modification could get a tad more power than 530 plus bhp and torque, but still in a heavier engine that would affect balance. If you want to go for 600 plus hp, then you would have to invest a hole hell of a lot of money. I did analyze this option!
Less power than the stroker (barely) but more torque with more headroom (stroker v10, right?)

The weight is definitely an issue, 40 kg difference.

That includes the transmission, which should be lighter than the DCT.

Anyway, I saw that, and it got me thinking...