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Originally Posted by Sticky View Post
BMW M Mexico: Wouldn't this just be cheaper than the stroker and make far more power:|240%3A1318
Wow, that V10 is certainly attractive, but it would be neither more powerful, or less expensive and would be heavier. Reason I say this is simply because you pay 18 grand (or so) for the engine alone, to get that V10 in there i am sure would take much more than just $12 grand as a number of additional modifications must be made not to say the least of which is a tranny that fits. Second, the stock V10 engine makes more or less 500bhp (less power than the stoker V8 that makes well over 530bhp) and is a heavier machine. So to be blunt, donīt think you would be better off going that root. Now, a proper ECU modification could get a tad more power than 530 plus bhp and torque, but still in a heavier engine that would affect balance. If you want to go for 600 plus hp, then you would have to invest a hole hell of a lot of money. I did analyze this option!