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Originally Posted by Sticky View Post
You say you will be happy with 400 wheel NA, but it is never ending. 500 wheel and 400 wheel is a pretty big difference.

I don't know how you can hate the torque curve of a centrifugal, it makes power just like the factory curve.

Regardless, my goal is 400 wheel NA for now.
It is a big difference in power, but so is the cost/work associated with supercharging. I just want a fairly reliable setup without being the guinea pig for the outer limits of the S65B40. After riding in a turbo 400whp and a supercharged 400whp, I prefer the punch of the turbo. Plus I like reaching 400whp at around 6500rpm rather than 8000rpm. I like top end power too, but centrifugals are too peaky for me. As far as the factory torque curve, I think it builds power in a nice progressive manor, and it doesn't feel that peaky to me. I owned an S2000 for a few years, and that is what I call peaky, not the ///M