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Originally Posted by apw2607 View Post
Ok, so once the audio is routed back to the phone, even if i-Drive fails to shutdown properly, you can leave the car, lock it with comfort access or the key fob and i-Drive will eventually go to sleep. I wouldn't worry about it.
Thx for the info! When I switch it back to the handset, the screen is always on the bluetooth screen. I just worry that:

1) When I walk far enough away from the M3, bluetooth will cut off (since it's out of range) & disconnect my call or

2) When I walk away, lock the M3 & iDrive eventually turns itself off (like you said) then my call might get disconnected.

Can anyone verify these 2 situations won't happen? I'll try it later this week when I get back in town if I don't get a response by then.

Originally Posted by Gemcoska View Post
agreed, but I have had all those frustrating problems before also. Even more annoying, when you switch from bluetooth to your handset, the radio comes on blasting. I could never get the bluetooth to pick up a call while already on one. For instance, I'd talk on the phone, walk to my car, get in and start up. The handset would say its connected to blue tooth, I wouldn't be able to hear anything from my handset, the blue tooth from the idrive says its connected, but no sound. Sucks
I feel for you. I don't know about your setup but when I walk into the car already in a conversation, the M3's bluetooth will detect the bluetooth phone asap but I won't be able to hear anything for 1-2 mins also...then after those 1-2 mins I can hear the caller on the M3's speakers. Since I can't wait 1-2 mins for that to happen, the moment I start the car I just switch the call into the handset since the phone detects it's in bluetooth mode the moment you turn on the car then I just switch back into bluetooth mode after those 1-2 mins if that makes sense. Such a hassle, argh!!!
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