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Impressive power, especially with the high octane and aggressive tuning! It is definitely arguable that if you are going for strictly straight-line speed and are willing to deal with the challenges of tuning, the 335i is the way to go.

I had a 335i for a year. i had the Vishnu V2 tune making probably 350 whp on 100 octane and 380 wtq. It was a lot of fun. It was replaced by an M3 because fun is magnified by feel, turn-in, sound, and instantaneous response. And glorious 4/50 warranty.

I love the fact the 335i is so tunable. The straight-line battles will continue, especially as the mods for the M3 continue to be developed. I believe the M3 makes ~370 WHP on 91 octane with just an intake and tune? With 100 octane, intake, exhaust, and tune, I predict well over 400 whp of NA power!
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