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West Coast BMW Dyno Day results!

Well thought some of you might be interested to see the results.
Had 15 BMW's come out and 1 E55 AMG (what a beast).

Here's the results:

1. Rotaz - Procede v3.1 with intake, exhaust, 91oct, 6MT. (59 degrees at 8:15 am)

2. Slubu - SSTT, 91oct, 6mt.
300 whp
331.2 wtq

3. Down4it - JB3 tweaked 1.2 race map, all bolt ons, approx. 102oct. 6mt
417.2 whp
416.4 wtq

4.2005 AMG E55 - pulley & ecu tune, 91oct.
471 whp
512 wtq

5. Driver72 - JB3 1.0, K&N drop in, 91oct, 6AT. (71 degrees at 11:15 am)
339.1 whp
351.5 wtq

6. Jwxxx - Procede 3.1 (87% UT settings), RR Int., RR DP's, Eisenmann exhaust, 91oct, 6AT
338.7 whp
344.2 wtq

7. Rdsport323 - Jb3 1.0v, AE exhaust, 91oct, 6mt. (74 degrees at noon)
332.2 whp
350.2 wtq

8. 2e9x's - (v29.2 ecu) 1st stock then with SSTT put in
276.6 whp
291.4 wtq

301.1 whp
329.1 wtq

9. 2e9x's - (v28.0 ecu) 1st stock then with SSTT put in
279.x whp
286.x wtq

309.8 whp
336.1 wtq

10. Swift - JB3 1.1 only 91 Oct. 6MT
330.5 whp
347.1 wtq

11. onefastdoc - Procede v3.1 (90% UT settings), DCI, 96-97 Octane 6MT
365 whp
356 wtq

12. kpari09 - JB3 1.1v, DCI, 91 Oct. 6AT
346.6 whp
358.1 wtq

13. SfValley335i - PROcede v3.1 tweaked race map, all mods, 100 Oct. 6AT
413.9 whp
402.2 wtq

14. nlakind - JB2, DCI, axleback exh. (all cats in), 91 Oct. 6MT (72 degrees at 3:30 pm)
312.x whp
337.x wtq

15. mote - JB3 1.1, DCI, axleback exh. (all cats in), 95 Oct. 6MT
375.x whp
370.x wtq

16. jtechnik - JB3 1.1v, GruppeM Int. (closed lid), DP's, FMIC, exhaust, 91 Oct. 6MT (67 degrees)
359.x whp
380.x wtq
**Note on his car, the DP's were put on recently with basically no adaptation (strangely his car gained power on each of the 3 runs as if it truely was adapting to the DP's. Also Shiv agreed that the closed lid GruppeM intake was most likely restricting power up top, as his dyno graph got a bit flat and a bit bumpy above 5500 rpm. As Shiv noted you need open element intake (like DCI) in order to make above 360 rwhp on 91 Oct. We speculate with a dual cone intake (DCI) his whp would of probably been in the 380 rwhp range to compliment the torque values as others seem to have done).
Shiv did attend but brought his Gallardo not the 335i.

Stay tuned, the dyno graphs will be posted on Monday once the shop owner emails them all to me!

***Lastly on a side note for you guys on this M3post board, "Kpari09" who ran "Sticky" in his M3 was there, he no longer has the RD Sport Blackbox Xede tune in his car, he recently put in the JB3. To give you an idea the RD Xede he had in his car when he ran Sticky is equal in power to the old JB2 (which one customer had and put down 312 rwhp). Kpari09 now has the Jb3 and put down 347 rwhp. I think that's about equal to a stock M3 is it not?
That E55 AMG is awesome and Down4it and SfValley335i had awesome results too. Their cars are sick fast. Makes the average tuned only 340 rwhp 335i seem a bit slow as they easily jog away from us.

Cheers guys, maybe next time we can get a few of you guys out, we had a blast. Shiv showed up in his Gallardo too, but it wasn't an AWD dyno.
Great bunch of guys.

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