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Originally Posted by Irb Digital View Post
I still haven't figured out what I want to do. I'll see what these kits get priced at and make my decision from there. If they are too pricey I'll be looking to be around 400whp, all motor. If I go the FI route, I'd be happy with 500whp boosted, I just hate the torque curve of centrifugal superchargers. My buddy had a vortech 350z with around 400whp, and the power was so peaky it wasn't a "400whp" car until around 3rd or 4th gear.
You say you will be happy with 400 wheel NA, but it is never ending. 500 wheel and 400 wheel is a pretty big difference.

I don't know how you can hate the torque curve of a centrifugal, it makes power just like the factory curve.

Regardless, my goal is 400 wheel NA for now.