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Originally Posted by sparkyg View Post
I like the car non-boosted. I just left my torque pig 335xi for an M3. I like the M3 better, it is alive whereas the boosted car has no emotion.

Plus the guys are right, a 12:1 compression car should not be boosted, you are just going to tear it to pieces. On top of that you gonna need 100 octane fuel.

GL but I sure would like to see someone here run it for a while. This is way different than doing a stroker. The reasons why the stroker costs so much is because it is done right.
An 11.5:1 car should not be boosted either right? Ever take a look at the E46 M3 forced induction scene?

What about the 11.8:1 Carrera S? Several superchargers out for it making it quite formidable.

A high compression motor just won't take as much boost without detonating on pump gas, that is all. It is all in the tuning, it can and will be boosted and make incredible power at low PSI. You are not going to need 100 octane unless you want to push the limits.

With boost it is going to have emotion or whatever you call it. That is the beauty of it, you still have off boost power and response like you do now, but with an incredible top end. It is the best of both worlds.

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