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Thanks for the comments guys.The Pcar was a Real Beauty....but at the end i would take the Mcar any given day.I will justify my saying.....see

After 3 years of ownership and development the Porsche had spend 11 months in the dealerships.It kept broking down with major issues.Missalignment of the Camshaft...Primary Axle of the Transmission Briken in half like butter,Misfiring Problems......and a lot more that i just cant remember of.Yes it was and felt faster than the M3 but it didnt gave me the impression that it was Night and Day difference.It may be a more beautiful car and more exotic car than the M But the E92 is Fast 24/7.NEver had any issues with it.Perfetct all day Runner.

As Jeremy Clarksson once said the point of a Car, for a Petrolhead, is to make you feel 7 years old each time you drive it.I believe the Mcar is taking a special place to my heart....

I have ACS Export installed...any help on the Next steps.I am thinking of Deleting the First Cat and reprogram the ECU.....