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Originally Posted by Sticky2 View Post
Maybe we should have ordered at the same time? Get a better deal?
Probably. The reatail for the 3.62 alone is supposed to be $2295, but since I told him that I knew 3-5 people that are seriously interested, he said he could do them for $1895. No matter what, Adding 2 disk carriers (Salisbury) w/ 40% lock is $1500 more,which are required in order to add the variable ramps 30/90, which also need the 3rd disk $700. Which is supposed to be about $4095+ $95 for return shipping.
Of course, at this point, we are not talking about a simple gear swap anymore.

Let me know how soon you are really planning to pay&ship your diff, and Im sure, Dan will work with us. Originally, if only 1-2 did it that they would have to pay the full MSRP and get refunded later, but I told him I cant wait for anybody to deceide, I need mine asap and that I would put the word out here. So, it seems he agree to do the discounted price from the begining but I dont know how long he'll do it for. Probably the first 5?
Im sure we might be able to work something additional off if 3 or more want to do the 3 disk variable ramps.