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Thanks Justin for taking the pictures, they turned out great! They are powder coated anodized blue with custom Wilwood stickers. Pictures honestly don't do them justice though.

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I have been watching Wilwood's site for these since I picked up my car 2 years ago! I finallay gave up a few months ago, thinking they would never come out.

Their site has said "coming soon" since October 2006. I'll have to get back on to check them out. they look amazing!
Wilwood's market is in the muscle cars and circle track. They are relatively new when it comes to imports which they started with the WRX kits. I suspect it'll be a while for them to come out with a BMW kit. If you have any other questions feel free to ask, I'm an authorized dealer through Stoptech and Brembo as well.

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this is special paint to match the paint of the buyers car. Wilwood only distributes red and black if I remember correctly. But I really love this blue.
Paint wouldn't last very long on calipers so I go with powder coating (brake parts cleaner and paint don't mix well). I liked these especially cause they had sort of a color changing effect depending on the angle. I look to do a "jollipop copper" color here soon. I'll post a few more from my crappy non-dslr.

Daytona Blue

Anodized Red

Stoptech Red

Candy Blue

Glad you guys like!