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Okay, so I've been looking around and can't justify the $4K that BMW dealers are asking for the OEM winter rims, so I'm considering going with the Beyern setup at the top of this posting chain.

That being said, both BMW dealers I spoke with strongly advised AGAINST going with a staggered setup and said that 235s on front and back are the way to go. When I spoke with the people at BuyWheelsToday they insisted that a 235/265 setup wouldn't make much of a different and that the the 30mm was negligible in terms of traction in snow.

Anyone with any thoughts and/or experience on this issue? I'm not so concerned with looks, but don't want the setup to look obviously stupid. That being said, the BMW setup is 235s all around, so it can't look THAT bad, can it?

Also, I've got the greyed out factory 18s on Jerez black at the moment, which surprisingly, I like a lot. Any thoughts on going with the black Beyern Mesh rims over the silver? Anyone seen this or have pics?