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Originally Posted by Turbo>NA View Post
Lets see that race again with a 335i wit a race map/race fuel. Then you can pull facts out of your ass.

Lmfao at the RDsport chip who runs that on their car?

Slap a JB3 or V3 wit race fuel and then you can see the M3 way way way back.

To the OP, do your math and lets see the money spent on both cars as far as performance mods. 990 for a chip on an M3? You can get a used JB3/V3 for 500-900$ You can spend 5k$ on an m3 and 335i, and I'll be the first to tell you the M3 wouldnt stand a chance on a straight line. The track is a different story.


Its absolutely outstanding that this even has to be proved. How can someone in the right state of mind say the 335 is a better car then the M3?

You're talking about M, the most controversial letter in a auto fanatics alphabet. I dont care how fast you can make your 335 go in a straight line with a bunch of aftermarket shit...


Stop trying to justify shit like a bunch of losers.

I owned a 335i a lil over a year ago and i loved it. It was an awesome car in all aspects and I still feel the same about it. But com'on man, all 335 owners, have some decency and stop embarrassing yourselves. You're giving all 3 series drivers a bad rep. The only points you prove with "if i did this, and if i did that, and if the M3 only had..." talk is garbage and all you prove is your envy of the M3, at a cost to all 3 series owners.

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