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Originally Posted by Turbo>NA View Post
Lets see that race again with a 335i wit a race map/race fuel. Then you can pull facts out of your ass.

Lmfao at the RDsport chip who runs that on their car?

Slap a JB3 or V3 wit race fuel and then you can see the M3 way way way back.

To the OP, do your math and lets see the money spent on both cars as far as performance mods. 990 for a chip on an M3? You can get a used JB3/V3 for 500-900$ You can spend 5k$ on an m3 and 335i, and I'll be the first to tell you the M3 wouldnt stand a chance on a straight line. The track is a different story.

Oh, so I bought an M3 looking for bang for the buck performance and upgrades? Thanks for setting me straight, what was I thinking spending my money how I see fit.

Slap a supercharger on the M3 and what happens to any 335? How about nitrous? How about a rocket and wings?

The E9X M3 aftermarket hasn't even gotten going yet. You ever see what E46 M3's did with boost? 335's are WEAK in comparison.

So a 335 needs a race fuel map to not embarass itself vs. an M3 on pump? Hahaha!

I did not pick out the 335 owners chip, take it up with him.

If I spend 5k on an M3 I will be obliterating a 335 with 5k in it. You go on to laugh at 990 dollars for Powerchip software yet quote used ecu's/software from 500-900 as your reasoning? Do you read what you write? Sure makes sense, I can pick up a used z06 and beat the living crap out of both of them, around a track and in a straight line.