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Originally Posted by bruce.augenstein@comcast. View Post
There is something wrong here, and it isn't the headwind. I suspect an airflow problem, because the car is laying down badly in the last 660 feet.

If a headwind was the problem, you'd be going slower in the 1/8th as well as the quarter mile.

As it is, you're going quicker and faster in the eighth, but where the car was picking up 28 mph in the last half, now it's picking up 22 mph. That's a massive difference, not accountable by way of a five to eight mph headwind.

Is the filter something more than a filter? Is there a different air path?

There is something absolutely wrong. I'd go back to the stock filter and try again.

No, it isn't anything wrong with the filter.

My car was faster in the 1/8 by ET and trap than him yet ran a lower trap at similar ET in the 1/4. Heat and headwind played a part.