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Originally Posted by Sticky View Post
A 335 owner and his friend came on M3post and called out M3's to race. That thread was here:

I said I was game and met up with the guy and his friend in my DCT M3. My friend taped the runs, 1 passenger each.

We constantly hear about how a chipped 335 is equal to the M3 in a straight line, nonsense. No one ever talks about what happens when you start modding the M3. The gain for the M3 with a chip is far less than the 335 gets, but it is enough for the M3 to destroy it.

See for yourself:
Im quoting the lines of the first run

"Whats that, like 4 cars, 5 cars??"
"I cant even see"

LMAO!!!! R U kidding me?? This was great. Thanks Sticky