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Originally Posted by labelexec View Post
What a bunch of POSERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you can't afford a M5 don't try to make your regular 5 series look like a M5.
Wow. You arrogant, self-absorbed, conceited, self-righteous, ego-inflated, inconsiderate, unsupportive little twit.

Please, feel free to not show up at the meet. I don't know if I have the right to speak for everyone, but I'm sure most of us would not miss your insults and your unsupportive nature. This meet was established for people to hang out and have a good time, not for people to get together and collectively insult each others efforts and contributions to our automotive community.

Having not met you in person, I'm guilty of forming assumptions at this point, but from your comment, you seem to be the classic stereotype of BMW driver and rude individual. You drive an M5? My GOD, I would have hoped that you would be more mature. I guess you're like all those others that are older people, who just sit there and insult others instead of spending their years of well-earned wisdom on more productive activities. (All this does not refer to 95% of our forum community, rest assured.)

Please, grow up and be more supporting and accepting to our community. Afterwards, feel free to come to the meet. You should come see the smiles on people's faces, when they're able to get away from it all and hang out with true enthusiasts who share the passion for Bayerische Motoren Werke.

Oh, I fixed your POSIER to POSER for you in my quote. You're welcome.

Edit: To anonymously quote a unaffiliated person on what the meet is all about:

You guys have a great group going here. Frendly , kind , and very personable people. As Robyn and I were the old farts there , we were made welcomed to the the group and was even reminded that this is a weekly event. The BMW is your ticket to the meet, however the people is who make the meet worth while. IMHO