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Originally Posted by Big Windy View Post

It might be better for me to throw this in the iDrive review that I posted a few nights ago, but I noticed something interesting about the steering wheel up/down buttons today when trying to select a song. They are backwards. Up is used to go back, and down is used to go forward. I could swear that my 335i was the other way around, but I guess it is possible that this is just how the M3 is. I haven't seen anyone else mention this before, so I'm banking that this might have to do with the new iDrive.

Thought it was worth a mention...maybe someone can tell me that I am wrong and that it has always been like this.
Big Windy, NICE pics. My up and down is the same way and I first thought that something was wrong. But if I look at my screen when music is playing when using the steering wheel buttons it makes more sense. The Up button moves the music selection back up one on the screen, when selecting the down button moves the music selection down one on the screen. Where did you get your front side markers filled at?

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