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3500km on the clock now. Car is running great. JB is certainly a chore to keep clean, but I got the PC and the rest of the detailing stuff out this weekend. So after the car was clean I obviously had to get out the camera. Thought I'd share this one with the group. The red lights in the distance are traffic from A6. I could not be happier with where I live!!!

I'm not going to bore anyone with my own review, because there are plenty of them out there. A few notes though:
-I wish that servotronic could be configured separate from Mdrive, but that is not anything new.
-I'm stuck at around 15.5 mpg, which I guess is to be expected.
-The new iDrive is great, and it becomes more useful each day as I learn to use the shortcuts and the voice commands. The voice command system is probably one of the biggest improvements from Gen 1. It is actually functional now, and it is more like having a conversation with your car instead of having to wait for beeps and cues like the old system. Good job BMW!
-CA works great, and is very compatible with the OEM alarm system which I recently installed. Definitely nice to have that audible confirmation.
-Also just noticed the USB port in the glove box. I have 6FL so I have one in the arm rest, but just noticed today when looking for the flashlight that there is a port back there. Hmmm...

Anyway, those of you waiting on your cars, you are certainly in for something special!
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