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Originally Posted by hipvspec View Post
i kinda agree with you. since drifters use throttle to shift the center of gravity of the car to the rear back and forth to adjust the level of grip from the backend. i guess having low grip tires on the back end would just make the car twitchy. i don't know much about drifting but i think initiate oversteer on a car isn't that hard, but to maintain and control the slide is the art.
Exactly by using/pumping the throttle a bit more and opposite locking the steering bit by bit. A bumpy rear makes the car go into oversteer faster, that's true.

It's great fun I'm making roundabout and left/right combinations when it's raining, better for my tyres

The ultimate stock driftcar:E90M3 imho.

When you are maintaining the drift, powering on, the M differential is giving you a lot of 'traction' meaning you are accellerating so fast, you have to be careful at what speed you approach the next bend... just like my former E46 M3. Compared to let's say a 130i or E30 325i, they are pretty driftable(if equipped with a lsd) but they don't speed up as fast as the M cars do.

This, for instance is where I live and with a lsd equipped 130i you can make long drifts in 3rd gear, like my mate Andre shows you: