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Originally Posted by gthirtyfizle View Post
LOL can it get anymore biased? 4 minutes of that video was all on the benz and about 1 and half on the M. Besides the fact that i didnt understand shit, its very easy to tell this is ur normal fanboy. Benz has never beaten the M on any track, now all of a sudden its does? LMAOO
Well think of it this way, it's only one comparison out of many. This proves that AMG has done a very superb job at making the C63 handle very well and that they should deserved some well earned respect. Lets stop all this "OMFG I CALL BS BECAUSE THE M3 RAPES THE C63 WHERE EVER THERE IS CORNER" or "THE C63 EATS THE M3 ON THE STRAIGHTAWAY" bullshit. Lets all grow up and give the AMG guys a bit of credit.