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There is no confusion here, as there is no active steering in the E9x M3.

Originally Posted by rawedge2 View Post
active steering changes the steering ratio according to speed..

Correct me if i am wrong:

at low speeds you have to turn the steering wheel less.. so a tighter turn takes less turn angle..

at high speeds you need to turn the steering wheel more... so a lane change aquires more angle...
--i guess the only way to descibe why is there is less "percent error"?? in your steering at high speeds.. (a slight accidental tug is not going to have as large an effect..)

so now my question.. when its off how is it set..
-1-are the high speed turns the same and low speed now requires more turn angle..
-2-are low speed turning angles the same and now high speed turning is tighter??

... i ask because if -1- is true then it is smart to keep active steering ON because it makes life easier
-if -2- is true then in performance driving i think i would want it OFF as i would rather the tight steering at higher speed...

Hope i didnt confuse the sh*t outa anyone..!
do i make sense.. (i just cant see having a looser steering at high speeds a positive)