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Originally Posted by eatrach73 View Post
hey buddy, you are talking to a guy that pretty much owned every color out there; except red

Well White & Black are not colours and he has not had red and BMW have 28 shades so he's got a long way to go if he is starting with White. I have owned some 30+ cars and my second car was White and that was when I was 18yr, my first was Yellow.

Considering there is some 8 shades of silver he must have owned over a 100 cars, so that is why he has not got to red yet is it? or are we talking prime colours only here!

Red's, Blue's, Green's, Yellow's, orange's, purple's, silvers, gold's, grey's and non colours white's & Black's, thats 11, add 8 shades to each that's 88 cars so I don't think he has owned every colour shade. Prime colours yes but we have all owned prime coloured cars. So actually I have owned more colours than he has because I am on my second shade of Red and you stated he has not had a Red one yet.

So it seems he is in his White phase at the moment, so your statement is correct, he has pretty much owned every colour except red, so he is two shades behind me!

So since I am in the lead I am entitled to make my statement.

I am only joshing!

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