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I think that a better word should have been compliant instead of "softer", as in less impact harshness from the same road bumps (there are some speed bumps and rairoad tracks close to my driving routes that don't feel as harsh as before the spring install), but it is still an "M3 ride" and not a sudden Lexus ride, if you get my drift.

It is still a very sharp handler, and I have not aligned it yet.

This was the same effect -and the reason to get Eibachs again- as when I installed a Pro Kit to my old E46 M3. The ride became more compliant in regular driving but at the same time more controlled and stable at hard turns:

Originally Posted by ebohon View Post
Looks good! The drop I'm looking for... keeping it civil while reducing that gap.

I've been leaning towards the Eibachs over the H&Rs for a couple of diff reasons and your drop confirms the look I'm looking for...but, if you don't mind, can you clarify something... you mentioned in your first post that the suspension felt softer in Comfort and not much different in others....coming from a Lexus... I def don't want to go to a softer suspension. I know you like the better turn in and the car feels planted at speed (but the car feels stable with stock also) .. can't the turn in response also be achieved with adjustments to camber, toe-in/out, etc. on stock springs? ... just want to make sure I'm not softening up the suspensions with Eibach because of your first comment. Thanks!