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well guys, I flew to Denver and saw the Cabrio, it was love at first sight

Denver Weather was hot and seeing an immaculate car with no dings, I cant see driving it xcountry and take the bugs/rock chip abuse.

I decided to transport it. It was a decision between DAS(Dependable Auto Shippers) and Intercity lines.

Originally, I opt for DAS since they are a bit cheaper for close transport, however after reading their Epinions 50/50 rating online, I felt it was too risky that I may belong to the other 50% that didnt fare well. DAS has bad reviews

So, Ive choosen Intercity line w/c carries a 100% favorable rating.

I left the car there with a shipping schedule pickup the day after I departed
and sure enuf, Intercity lines delivers what they promise for I got an email from the seller this morning:

From : XXXX XXXX<>
Sent : Sunday, July 16, 2006 11:11 PM
To : <>
Subject : RE: M3 Urgent

Hi Al,
It was great to finally meet you in person. Intercity picked up the car today,
and it got away great. Another M3 is riding beneath it, and a Porsche Carrera
GT behind. ENJOY!

heres how I envision the car pickup went

Im posting my experience for others who would be in a similar situation and are torn on which carrier to choose. In my experience, if I dont use Intercity lines, I wouldnt have it any other way but drive it.

Hope this helps E90post members in the future

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