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UUC-Corsa Exhaust and UUC SSK Installed

Finally got my exhaust in on Thursday and had it installed last Friday at Gintani in Van Nuys.

Contrary to some comments in other threads, the look is actually pretty good. I'm not crazy about how far they hang down and the tips aren't my favorite, but it's still an improvement over stock. In terms of quality, the welds and the metal are good, no obvious imperfections.

The sound is perfect for my taste. It's significantly louder, but not too loud and not that different from inside unless you have the windows down. It's a good improvement without being obnoxious. It's nice and deep but not too much. more ferrari than muscle car, but not too raspy.

The only issue with the exhaust is that the cuts on the pipes were a bit long. No matter how we tried to push them in all the way, they seemed a bit too long given that the muffler are fixed to the stock hangers.

The SSK is a big improvement. Had an issue the first day with a clamp coming loose, but Alex at Gintani was really cool and came in on Saturday to fix the car and he also took extra time to put the car back on the lift and see if they could do any better with the exhaust fit (they could not, and we concluded it might be better to have that welded into two large pieces that bolt to stock rather than 4 pieces).

Once the SSK was fixed it's working it's a nice improvement over the long stock throw.

Also, for those in LA, I asked around quite a bit and heard a lot of good stuff about Gintani and can only agree they do solid work and are big car fans (alex, the owner, just got a new e92 m3 a week ago). They have a really big new clean shop with some badass project cars there (my fav being an e46 they're supercharging and rebuilding the engine on). A nice new dyno as well. Anyway, Alex said he's going to try to sponsor the site this very soon, though I thought I'd give them a review as well.