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Originally Posted by Radiation Joe View Post

I tried to clay my hood the other evening and was shocked at the amount of junk I got off of a 3 week old car. I was even more shocked that I didn't get all the contaminants off.

I highly recommend having a pro get the car right the first time. If you're good you can maintain it for 6 months or a year and then bring it back to be restored. If you're not that good or don't have the time, set up regular appointments. Your car will thank you, and your neighbors will envy you.
As a former pro detailer I can't tell you how much of a waste of money the delivery charge is. 90% of cars need to be clayed before being delivered to customers because of rail and brake dust that gets on cars during shipment. Rather than hand wax, they should get a great wash, clay bar with a light spray wax followed by a very good hand wax with paint sealant. This is why I tell my dealer not to wax or deliver my car normally, because I just wind up having to strip the wax off to so I can do it properly, which is just more time consuming.

I always feel the paint and use that as my judgment of whether a car is clean, if its not smooth as class then there is still shit in the pain and its not clean. To me the feel is as important as the look, its how my cars at 150k always look like they have 20k on them.......but it takes some time, patience and know-how......

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