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pics from texas e90post members meet and tour (56k warning!)

yesterday a bunch of texas e90post members got together in austin for a meet and drive through the texas hill country. i think i can safely say that we all had a blast and the roads were awesome. there were plenty of e9x m3's, some e46's, e60 m5's, an e39 5, and, our fearless leader for most of the time/keeping us honest, an e30 m3. personally, i logged over 600 miles for the trip and spent the better part of 12 hours in my car...and that was just on saturday. please note, i'm not a very good photographer. anyway, here are the pics...

gathering at circuit city

getting on the road, waiting for everyone to catch up

pit stop for a fill up and bathroom break

nothing but open highways in mexico

passing through marble falls, tx

finally arriving at llano, tx for our final stop

cooper's bbq, quite an experience

hungry e90poster's

damn pickup truck was in our way.... we moved across the street! the million dollar lineup

it was raining m3's

the long road home...

and i even stopped to snap a picture of a milestone...

as far as being in the car for 12 hours...m3 is an excellent highway car. i've never been more comfortable in a car ever!

we'll have videos later.

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