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College Degrees

I have no clue what I want to do with my life, so I'm trying to narrow down possible majors.. I was wondering which ones would be the most beneficial/applicable in more areas. University of Texas, or University of Houston are my two main choices for colleges.. A&M maybe..

BS - Business Administration
BS - Business International Management
BS - Business Management
BS - Business Finance
BS - IT Networks Administration
BS - IT Security(Information systems security, cyber security)

MBA - Finance
MBA - IT Management
MBA - Global Management
MBA - International Business
MBA - Accounting (Not sure on Accounting, would help if someone would describe this field)

MIT - Information Technology
MIT - Internet Security

Would a dual degree program be useful?? (Looking at the UT site)
Communication studies/Business administration
Global policy studies/Business administration

Was thinking of majoring in network administration/wireless networks, minoring in Cullinary Arts back when I was younger. (I don't believe you can minor in cooking.. So it would probably be a dual major..)
My idea was to open an internet cafe type business on a beach somewhere..

All thoughts and opinions welcome!! Thank you.
Seems like a ton of people get MBA's..

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