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Follow up. This was the most fun I've had at a TMR event. sfbimmer13, I think we were parked next to each other? Or is this Rup... with the R Compounds?

Ran Mixed for the first time. It was a sweet spot for me; passed and got passed. It kind of turned into a point by group. I think I only made 1 pass w/o a point by. That's OK with me.

Was on street treads and working on my new suspension that I never quite got right. Couple of more days and then maybe I can keep up with the M3s. @#$% they're so fast out of the box.

I have video but haven't uploaded it yet. Haven't really reviewed it for lap time but I did see a 2:02 with a little wait for a pass after 9. I'll let you know when it's up. You might be in it.

I don't think we had any big crashes but that was the most crash-ridden event I've been part of. Hope everyone is OK. I'd think we would all remember we're there to work on a skill that's a hobby. Oh well.

Dave, Good seeing you again. I think your GF is gem. Your car OK?