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I believe the first two I posted (Edmunds and Car & Driver) were DCT. Not sure about the last two comparing to CLK63 or RS4 (didn't read those articles in detail). My E93 is MDCT - just had the software upgraded at my dealer about 2 weeks ago - tried launch control in S6 mode last weekend - holy crap - it accelerated like a bat out of hell - nice, hard shifts at 8,400 redline, up to 80 mph in no time (tried it on dry, straight and flat rural road that had zero traffic on it) - just a little bit of wheelspin and tail-sliding in 1st/2nd gear but not enough to appreciably diminish the time.

Unfortunately, with the weather conditions here in northern Illinois right now, probably will not get to do launch control again until Spring... Although I will say that even with stock performance tires, traction is great even on wet roads - the 295 ft/lbs and gearing allow you to really put the pedal down without the loss of time you would get from excessive wheel spin, or from too little throttle (and too little horsepower) in order to avoid tire spin).

My guess is that even though the CLK63 vert has a hell of a lot more torque and faster acceleration times, you would need a perfect launch to beat the E93 - too much gas and you'll spin the tires (allowing the E93 to pull ahead), too little gas and you won't be able to take advantage of the CLK63's greater torque or horsepower - this is why even though the CLK accelerates better on paper and under ideal conditions - it is still going to be a drivers race short of perfect conditions and the CLK's driver making an ideal launch...