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What's up Manuel. How have you been ? Got my lights so thanks for the hook up. I think that they are both top notch companies (AFE/BMC) and you probably won't go wrong either way. I could'nt see one having that much greater of a diffrence in performance gains over the other. I personally just installed the Afe oiled filter and air scoops and honestly don't feel a difference positive or negative in driving performance. That's not to say that there are'nt gains however I just do not feel them. Honestly I think that most people are full of it, its extremley difficult to feel a 10 hp gain in a 400 hp car, so I find it silly when people make outragous claims about how much faster the car feels from small upgrades. If you want I can hook you up with the guy I got the filter from I think it was $85 shipped. Hope this helps you.