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Originally Posted by ruxp View Post
Er.. if you're on an empty stretch of freeway, what're the odds of bicyclists and pedestrians popping up out of nowhere?
Almost zilch. Deer, cayotes, racoons, etc. on the other hand greatly increase the odds. Besides, you're assuming street racers limit their activities to the highways. Just the other day someone posted a thread about how they kept up with a Bentley on Sunset Blvd.

Originally Posted by ruxp View Post
Why is racing someone on an empty stretch of road reckless driving? Is everyone on the autobahn going 120mph+ driving recklessly, because of the possibility of pedestrians or bicyclists getting hit? Is a pedestrian or bicyclist that pops up out of nowhere going to do any better getting hit at 65mph than they are at 120mph?
It is reckless because at 120mph+ an empty stretch of highway can turn into a not so empty stretch of highway quicker than you can stop.

You simply cannot compare the autobahn to US highways. It's better maintained, with better drivers, with better lane discipline, etc. Besides, not all of the autobahn is unlimited. Where unlimited, the recommended speed on the autobahn is 80mph. If you get into an accident at greater than the recommended limit, guess who's responsible?

Originally Posted by ruxp View Post
Do you take your 335 to the track? If not, why did you buy a 335?
I bought the 335xi because it's a great car, and yes I do plan on taking it to the track at some point. I'm a little too busy right now though.

Originally Posted by ruxp View Post
There are two different issues here

1. street racing
2. trying to antagonize someone into a race in a dangerous fashion

I disagree with the second action. But from what it sounds like, the woman in the IS-F didn't even notice the OP. Doesn't sound like he was doing anything 'dangerous.'
What are the pros for street racing?

1. It's fun/exciting.

What are the cons for street racing?

1. Increased chance of damaging your car or others property.
2. Fines or even jail time.
3. Increased chance of killing or seriously hurting someone.
4. Parts damaged by an accident won't be covered under warranty either.
5. It nullifies your insurance in case you do get into an accident.
6. It makes you look like a tool.
7. It gives BMW owners a bad reputation.

I could list more, but there is really no reason to.

Originally Posted by ruxp View Post
So now the BMW stereotype is the Tokyo drift crowd? Strange.

Why did you buy a 335 instead of a 328?

How many people bitching here have a JB3 or other performance mods?
I fail to see why ones model selection or mods have anything to do with street racing for two reasons:

1. Mods such as JB3 could very well be, and should be, used for track purposes.

2. It is possible to enjoy increased hp/torque and stay within the bounds of the law, and within the bounds of reason.

You're trying to create cause and effect where there is none. The argument that the only reason people purchase tunes such as JB3 is to street race is absurd.

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