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Originally Posted by jh valley View Post
what kind of comparison is that? internment camps and speed limits? yeah, those laws are pretty similar. one was an extreme violation of citizens rights and an act of intense prejudice; the other is in place to maintain the well being of the public. i dont understand why youre so against against speed limits. are you in that big of a rush that you cant stand to drive at a reasonable speed?

i could have a car that stops from 60-0mph in fucking like 1 second, that doesnt mean i should go crusing at 60 on the sidestreets. just because you can doesnt mean you should. improvements in automobile safety DOES NOT correspond to how fast you can/cannot drive. they can make a car out of jello for all i give a shit, but as long as people are driving, there is always room for error, such as crashing into people.
You apparently missed the point that just because a law is in the books does not make it just or right.

Just because a speed is set at a rate does not mean you HAVE to travel at it. It is called the speed LIMIT. The current limits are archaic and need to be revised to correlate with the abilities of modern automobiles.

You think the speed limit is to protect the safety of the people? I think FAR more intensive driver education and driving courses would make a far greater impact in public safety than an arbitrary number. Licenses are handed out to people who should never have them in the first place. Ignorance is bliss.