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Originally Posted by anmcguire View Post
Street racing *is* reckless driving, maybe not in the strict legal sense, but in every other sense. Personally, If I see you or anyone else street racing, I will immediately call the police and report your license plate number. I have no tolerance for people who put their own personal thrills above the safety of others. If you want to race, go to a track and race where there are no bicyclists, no pedestrians, no deer to pop out of nowhere, no unexpected potholes, etc, and where everyone understands the risks involved.
Er.. if you're on an empty stretch of freeway, what're the odds of bicyclists and pedestrians popping up out of nowhere?

Why is racing someone on an empty stretch of road reckless driving? Is everyone on the autobahn going 120mph+ driving recklessly, because of the possibility of pedestrians or bicyclists getting hit? Is a pedestrian or bicyclist that pops up out of nowhere going to do any better getting hit at 65mph than they are at 120mph?

Originally Posted by anmcguire
Driving fast can be unsafe, especially when you're the only one doing it. People that street race should face the jail time they deserve. I suspect that most of these street racers don't really have the driving skill they think they do anyways. At least when you're at a track you know that everyone around you is willing to share in the risk.
Do you take your 335 to the track? If not, why did you buy a 335?

Originally Posted by blakepilot View Post
you, sir, are an idiot. it has nothing to do with enhanced estrogen levels or self-righteousness, it has to do with not killing yourself or someone else. the lady in the IS-F in this situation was the smart person. i'm sure she was sitting in her car hoping this kid would just move on because she didn't want to risk her car or her life, so what! i had someone do that kind of ricey shit to me in my m3 and he almost ended up killing me trying to antagonize me into a race. i wrote a thread about it if you care to find it.
There are two different issues here

1. street racing
2. trying to antagonize someone into a race in a dangerous fashion

I disagree with the second action. But from what it sounds like, the woman in the IS-F didn't even notice the OP. Doesn't sound like he was doing anything 'dangerous.'

Originally Posted by blakepilot
on another note, according to my observations, bmw has made the 335 too inexpensive because it seems that all the import tuner kids have migrated to the 335. it's a damn shame because i see the tokyo drift crowd in nice bimmers everywhere. OP, and all the other douche nozzles that condone his actions, all seem like they just hopped out of a civic hatchback. grow up, be civil, and share the roads. all you're doing is reinforcing bmw stereotypes.
So now the BMW stereotype is the Tokyo drift crowd? Strange.

Why did you buy a 335 instead of a 328?

How many people bitching here have a JB3 or other performance mods?