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Originally Posted by JNic335i View Post
that racing on a public road with cars around is dangerous. If I see a person doing this around me I will be the first to call highway patrol and hope that they take you car and driving privileges away. If your out where no one is than that is fair game. You will just involve yourself and the other stupid individual.
bingo. most of these stories i hear on here are people that live in populated cities on congested freeways. racing on roads packed with people is not cool. now if you're in the middle of nowhere and there isn't a soul around for you to hurt besides yourself, go for it. i won't lie and tell you that i don't haul ass whenever i go to my buddy's ranch in the middle of absolute nowhere, because i do, but it just isn't right in the city. besides, you have a better shot at getting hit by lightning then having a chance encounter between a bimmer and an IS-F on some deserted road in the middle of egypt. keep it PC folks.