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Originally Posted by jh valley View Post
regardless if hes a cop or not, it sounds like you condone this kind of behavior. as far as that writing tickets comment; the law is the law. so what if your car is made for high speeds and setting awesome lap times? that doesnt mean the rules dont apply to you. if you consider calling someone a moron over the internet as harassment (for encouraging street racing nonetheless) then youre a moron.
Just because a law is in the books that makes it correct? There were laws passed forcing relocation of ethnic groups in the US, that is correct because it passed? Sorry, I don't blindly look at laws and assume they are correct, I prefer to think for myself.

Do you have any idea what technical strides the automotive industry has made over the past few decades? Cars are faster, brake better, safter, cleaner, where is the corresponding change in the speed limit?

The speed limit has nothing to do with racing and safety and everyhing to with creating revenue and giving police an excuse to stop you.