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Originally Posted by blakepilot View Post
on another note, according to my observations, bmw has made the 335 too inexpensive because it seems that all the import tuner kids have migrated to the 335. it's a damn shame because i see the tokyo drift crowd in nice bimmers everywhere. OP, and all the other douche nozzles that condone his actions, all seem like they just hopped out of a civic hatchback. grow up, be civil, and share the roads. all you're doing is reinforcing bmw stereotypes.

But the problem is, power is so cheap now. And even the hyudnai's are making quality cars due to improvements in manufacturing and R&D. So where does a premium brand improve to differentiate itself to justify the cost? Higher tech than we already have? The cost of that would just increase exponentially. Maybe going back to hand built products, but then the consistency might start to lack more. Its a tough market when diminishing returns in products vs. price is as far along as it has become.