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Originally Posted by lucid View Post
How many run groups does your chapter have? What do A,B,C,D stand for?
Oh this is with TMR, not BMW CCA this time. The groups are as follows:

"Event Format
We will be running 4 run groups at this event:

Advanced - This is more consistant with our typical HPDE Advanced run group. Mix of street and race prepared cars, open passing, but no racing or aggressive passing on course.

Mixed - This is our unique run group made of up Advanced drivers, and highly experienced Intermediate drivers. Passing is allowed anywhere on track, but cars wearing a TMR supplied large bright colored vinyl 'Dot' on the back of their cars cannot be passed unless a hand signal is shown. Cars not wearing a 'Dot' can be passed with our Advanced passing rules. We prefer to not see passing in corners, so try to get your passing done before the braking point entering a turn.

Intermediate - This is our standard Mandatory Point By run group made of up of intermediate level drivers. Passing is allowed anywhere on track, but must be authorized by the car being overtaken. We prefer to not see passing in corners, so try to get your passing done before the braking point entering a turn.

Novice - This is a group of drivers. This is a Mandatory Point By Novice run group with passing only in designated sections of the track.(see schedule below for these zones)

Note about Passengers: Passengers are allowed in all run groups except Novice, provided that they have the proper safety equipment, they are 18 years of age or over, and that they have signed all applicable waivers.

Rules that Could End Your Day!
ALL Drivers are subject to our 3 Strike Rule, and Infineon Raceway's 103db Sound Restrictions:

The TMR 3 Strike Rule - If a driver receives 3 black flags during an event for aggressive driving, out of control driving, and/or passing or safety violations, then he/she will not be allowed to re-enter the track for the day. Black flag/safety violations include but are not limited to the following:
- 4 Wheels off
- Spin on or off the driving surface
- Illegal passing (per the run groups passing rules or during a Yellow flag/caution state on track)
- Blowing a Red Flag (this offense counts as 2 Strikes)
- Speeding in the paddock
- Driving behavior deemed to be too 'Aggressive' or 'Reckless' for the group/skill level on course.(we will be reasonable when assessing situations like this and may instead move the driver to another level)
- Car to Car/Fixed Object contact

Note: Car to Car, and Car to 'Fixed Object' contact may or may not result in a loss of driving privileges at an event. Circumstances will be reviewed and a decision will be made by a senior TMR staff member at the event.

The Track Steward will keep a log of Black Flag Violations throughout the day, and violations can be reported by Turn Workers, the Track Steward, TMR Instructors, and Participants who have witnessed violations. All those reported will be required to discuss the violation with the track steward or another senior member of the event staff.

The ultimate goal of this process is to not only keep drivers under control, but to eliminate potential situations and stress out on course when rules are broken. If we all adhere to established rules for a run group, then there won't be any 'surprises' out on the track. Surprises are not a 'good thing' on a racetrack!"

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