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Got a leaking-air tire and don't know why? Check this out.

So I bought these Conti 2 back in September of '06 when it had 28k miles on it. I rarely drive the car. Now it has about 42k miles. During the summer, the front left tire kept on leaking air. Couldn't figure out why. I took the wheel out, checked it thoroughly, and there was nothing. Finally, I took the car down to where I bought the tires from-by the way this place is very reputable place and I hold no grudges against anyone-and I told the sales associate the problem. Fast forward a bit, the manager called me in the shop and showed me what is going on with the tire. Photos are down at the bottom. See, when the service technician was mounting the tires on, I noticed he was having a hard time with this particular one. And thus, that is the end result. I am not complaining because I am getting 2 front free tires. But someone has put-up a thread that he had a leaking-air tire, and I wanted to bring this to their attention.
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