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Originally Posted by ruxp View Post
Yeah, I think a few people on this thread are mainlining estrogen. Mixed with a healthy dose of goody-two-shoes self-righteousness.
you, sir, are an idiot. it has nothing to do with enhanced estrogen levels or self-righteousness, it has to do with not killing yourself or someone else. the lady in the IS-F in this situation was the smart person. i'm sure she was sitting in her car hoping this kid would just move on because she didn't want to risk her car or her life, so what! i had someone do that kind of ricey shit to me in my m3 and he almost ended up killing me trying to antagonize me into a race. i wrote a thread about it if you care to find it.

on another note, according to my observations, bmw has made the 335 too inexpensive because it seems that all the import tuner kids have migrated to the 335. it's a damn shame because i see the tokyo drift crowd in nice bimmers everywhere. OP, and all the other douche nozzles that condone his actions, all seem like they just hopped out of a civic hatchback. grow up, be civil, and share the roads. all you're doing is reinforcing bmw stereotypes.