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Originally Posted by ruxp View Post
The thing is, driving fast really isn't that unsafe. Driving recklessly is unsafe.

Speeding laws are archaic. At this point, they mostly just exist for municipalities to make money.

Street racing *is* reckless driving, maybe not in the strict legal sense, but in every other sense. Personally, If I see you or anyone else street racing, I will immediately call the police and report your license plate number. I have no tolerance for people who put their own personal thrills above the safety of others. If you want to race, go to a track and race where there are no bicyclists, no pedestrians, no deer to pop out of nowhere, no unexpected potholes, etc, and where everyone understands the risks involved.

Driving fast can be unsafe, especially when you're the only one doing it. People that street race should face the jail time they deserve. I suspect that most of these street racers don't really have the driving skill they think they do anyways. At least when you're at a track you know that everyone around you is willing to share in the risk.