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Originally Posted by ace996 View Post
Although I am not a fan of the Grouppe-M intake, your statement is not true.
It is modeled, from what I've seen, exactly like the stock box but it is carbon-fiber. It should behave exactly like the stock box.
Now, for the money...I wouldn't exactly buy it, although I am an old Ducati guy and carbon fiber bits took more than a pound of flesh from my finances before and that GM piece is quite beautiful, but saying he wasted his money on something that will rob him of power is not exactly true. At worst, it'll perform as the stock one does.
I've just taken another look since you've pointed it out and I'll stand corrected. I think you are right in that it only basically replaces the OEM black plastic bits with some very attractive carbon fibre bits costing a staggering $2741 equivalent and the kit doesn't seem to include a CF replacement for the Part 1, which is normally the most visible. There must be a better use for that amount of money, if only paying for the fuel to have fun in your car.