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i think you could fix that..

on my daily driver (g35x)
i was wiping all the shit on my floors around with a hard brush to make it look like i cleaned it.. moved up to the crevises in the console and dashboard, (was workin good), so moved on to see if it would remove the dust built up in the guages... when i saw it after it kinda looked like i tried turning it into a piece of brushed aluminum (the whole piece was couldy with scratches).. i most likely would have to pay for that with the lease return..

i grabbed a old bottle of scratch-X, (didnt wanna get the zymol or n e thing crazy out), i put a little more on than i would wax a car with, and let it sit for longer too.. and it cleared the whole thing beautifully..

it could possibly come back in time, but its been a month or 2 now and i havent noticed anything... and i would recoment rejex if you have.. it like a plastic wax for clear bra's and stuff, it seems to leave a thicker coating than wax.. (great for wheels too)

or any wax.. just give it a shot, and be carfull not to get any on the dashboard, it'll be annoying to clean.. good luck!
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