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Originally Posted by Mischievous M View Post
In theory, I reckon M3s that reside in hot and humid countries along the equator line, (i.e. South East Asia, India, Africa) would benefit little from a RAM intake system during the day because of the hot air that may not aid efficient combustion, however with a RAM system would make significant differences when temperatures drop in the evening.

Apologies if my logic makes no sense but i figured i'd give it a shot.
Now how does that work?????????

Your car has to function in whatever environment in which it finds itself. If it happens to be in a hot and humid country, where the ambient temperature is, say, 35 degrees C and at 100% humidity, then that IS the coldest and dryest air the car can intake without any elaborate air conditioning. FACT.

Sure, a car engine in such an environment will perform better at night when the air temperature drops, but that's down to the environment change and not the car.

Originally Posted by Mischievous M View Post
Hope my arguement is pretty good cos i just coughed up some money for the GRUPPE M RAM intake system for my E92 M3. Then again my car comes out mostly in the evenings and weekends.
I hate to tell you that you have just wasted your money by ditching a wonderful OEM air-intake system for something that will rob you of even more power in a hot climate. You've obviously not been keeping up with this thread.